Setting up or purchasing from a fundraiser is SUPER easy!
Requesting a fundraising event - follow the link at the top " set up a fundraiser" - follow the instructions on that tab.  Within 48 hours, one of our coordinators will contact you to set up your group and assign you a number.
How to support your group / organization.
If you are visiting Hayward Gourmet to support your group, follow these instructions.  -- Find the items you want.   Take a look at all of our fundraising items   50% of your product purchase will go directly to the group you are supporting. -- Once you are ready to check out.  Go to the "checkout" page.  You will be prompted through the check out process.  The first section of the check out is "registration"   You will be prompted to "create an account"  This is ESSENTIAL in the process as this is what ties your purchase to the group you are supporting.   There will be a spot for you to add your group name.   --  In the check out process there is also a comment section for any comments you would like to leave our staff.  This is a GREAT place to put your groups number if you have it!  Your group leader would have this number.     It is that simple.  Allow 7 - 10 days for us to make your yummy choices and ship them out to you!  You can always contact us directly with any questions you would have!!   Thank you for choosing Hayward to support your group or organization!