Mixed Bag Salt Water Taffy 1/2 lb Bag

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Product Overview

Taffy comes in an mixed assortment of flavors that are changed seasonally to match the time of year.

Name ONE person who DOESN’T like Salt Water Taffy!

Our Salt Water Taffy Town Taffy is 100% authentic and will literally melt in your mouth. We offer classic flavors that come in bags of mixed variety. Flavors vary by season! This is a sweet treat that everyone will remember and love! People of all ages can enjoy these candies, young and old alike. Nostalgia is eminent when enjoying even only ONE of these yummy treats. Happiness in a bag!

What’s in it: all bags of Salt Water Taffy contain, well… salt water taffy! 8 oz (½ lb) to be exact. 

Packaging: all taffy comes in a resealable tamper-proof heat sealed black bag with clear circular window. 

Freshness/Expiration: we guarantee 6 months.

Labelling/Branding: all candy bags come with HG branding emblem and an identification sticker on the front; ingredient label on the back.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review